This series of books is written for infants 6-18 months.

Learning about our world takes place immediately after birth because Allah has made us seeing (basiruun) and hearing (sami'un) and endowed us with hearts (af'idah).
[Al - Ahqaf 46:26]

Relying on all five senses helps us form a picture of our surroundings. Our sensory perceptions allow us to know (ta'lamun), to think (tafakkarun) and to exert our intellect (ta'qilun) in knowing ourselves and our surroundings.
From this ayah derives the ideas of this precious books.

5 interestingt itiles in this series:

1. Have You Seen My Cat?
2. Peek-A-Boo
3. Allah Made Me
4. Bang! Kaboom!
5. The Fruit Rainbow


Baby Sling Series

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